Dr. McEachern

Dr. McEachern

The natural force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.
— Hippocrates

Dr. Kevin McEachern - Chiropractor

Born in Edmonton and raised on a cattle /grain farm northwest of Grande Prairie Alberta. Moved to Kelowna BC at age 17 to play hockey and finish high school. Undergrad studies were at Okanagan College and Red Deer College. Moved to Davenport Iowa in 1990 and graduated at Palmer College of Chiropractic on the Deans List in 1994. Practiced in the USA for 6 and a half years before moving back to Alberta in October of 2000. Married Dentist Dr Marianne Stelmaschuk and have 3 beautiful children. 

The nervous system controls and coordinates all functions of the human body. Subluxtions/pinched nerves distort the nervous systems ability to control itself. That lack of proper function is what leads to disease. When you reduce/remove a subluxation you are allowing the body to physically function the way it was designed. 

Make a physical problem smaller, allow time to heal, then make it stronger. 

20 years of practice,  and I'm still amazed at some of the stories and descriptions of how people hurt themselves and how there bodies react when you change them back to normal. The next 20 years will be every bit as fun.