Some background on me:

I’m Stacey Swihun, and I recently graduated from Alberta College of Massage Therapy, I currently offer relaxation and therapeutic treatments; I also currently hold certification in Intraoral TMJ Level 1.  In the next few months I have enrolled in courses for certification in Intraoral TMJ with Precision Level 2, Craniosacral Therapy 1, Visceral Manipulation 1, and Myofascial Cupping.  I am excited to begin my new career and can’t wait to see where it may lead me.

I grew up on a farm, and absolutely loved the wide-open space I was able to explore and roam; because of this I still do not like being hemmed in or sit still very well… I get out to those wide-open spaces as often as life will allow me…. Life is an adventure and there are endless opportunities to explore and experience.

As a chronic pain suffer of 20+ years I found that medications just weren’t helping me, what I needed to know was what was really going on with my body, how could I understand my body better, and how could help my body heal. As I set out to do that, I came to the realization that no one should journey alone like I was… and so I found myself changing careers and using massage therapy to help others along their journey. 

I have spent many, many hours on tables of various disciplines and I know what it feels like to not quite be able to explain what you’re feeling but feeling like your body is in battle with you.  Not only do I want to help others win their own battle; but I also want help them on a journey of learning how their body works, what it needs, and how they can help themselves.

I look forward to meeting new clients and seeing where your journey will lead!