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Dr. Kathryn King, ND


Kathryn King is a Naturopathic doctor. She is passionate about supporting her patients as they work towards their health goals with a plan and a timeline that is customized to their individual needs. She prefers to utilize natural approaches with as few risks and as much benefit as possible; however, when pharmaceuticals are indicated she can refer to other practitioners in the community to join our treatment team. Here in Lloydminster, Dr. King offers Acupuncture and Prolotherapy in addition to Naturopathic Medicine consultations.


Dr. King has done a lot of work with patients who suffer from fatigue, hormone imbalance, digestive concerns, allergies and pain. She finds Naturopathic medicine can be very helpful when dealing with chronic pain.

Kathryn completed her Bachelor of Science in Biology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC in 2012, and her Doctor of Naturopathy at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, ON in 2017. Her science background, combined with her experience in Vipassana Meditation and Hatha Yoga, have given rise to her comprehensive interest in the physiological, emotional and energetic aspects of health.

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