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Prolotherapy is an increasingly popular treatment for chronic musculoskeletal pain. Its origins can be traced back over 100 years ago. Prolotherapy involves injecting a solution into affected ligaments, tendons and/or joint spaces.  The injections cause a local inflammatory response that promote repair and healing in the surrounding soft tissue, leading to pain relief, reconstruction of tissues and restoration of function.


Prolotherapy is being used in many clinics across North America with many reported cases of success. Animal studies and some human studies have shown promise with the treatment as well.  Current research reflects that prolotherapy works best with tendinopathies (including tennis and golfer’s elbow).  Prolotherapy can also play an important role in non-resolving low back pain and osteoarthritis,  3-6 treatments in a year will often solve the issue.


If booking online and you don’t see a time slot that fits for you, please do call the office as we may be able to find a spot for you that isn’t visible online.


Please wear/bring comfortable, loose clothes that can be easily rolled up/moved around. 

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